What to Expect at The Axe Game

Gather Your Team

Whether you are a family on vacation, a corporate group or a bunch of friends, you are about to have a time to remember! Your first step is to BOOK AN EXPERIENCE HERE.

Meet Your Coach

Your coach will be giving expert leadership and cheering you on throughout the experience! It all begins with a safety briefing followed by lessons on how to throw your axe.


Several easy to play, fun and competitive games will help you increase expertise in axe throwing while battling against your friends!


The event will end with a final competition that will determine the axe throwing champion! If time remains, your group may enjoy free-throwing for the duration of your event.

60 Minutes of Thrills!

Throwing axes is easy to learn in just a few minutes!

This is huge fun, perfect for families, couples, groups, corporate events and team-building opportunities.

You stand twelve to fifteen feet away from a wooden target and then, using either one or two hands, throw the axe toward the bullseye!

Kids from 8 to 108 find great satisfaction in hurling and sticking their axe!


The Axe Game Experience is our premier event, lasting 60 thrilling minutes. Your event begins by meeting your coach and listening to a safety briefing. Then the fun begins! Your friendly axe-throwing coach will teach you how to throw, and ultimately, stick your axe!

When everybody in the group is ready, your coach will lead you in a variety of fun games that will be competitive and also help you increase your level of skill.

An exciting tournament will conclude your session. Every thrower will be battling against the others, determined to win!

You are sure to be hosted very well by your coach and the entire team at The Axe Game!

Check on availability and reserve your 60-minute session now!

Book an Experience at Escape Code in Branson, Missouri

How to Throw an Axe

(Even the kiddos catch on in a few minutes!)

Grip the Axe

Wrap your dominant hand around the bottom of the handle. Then, wrap your other hand around your dominant hand and cross your thumbs.

Take Your Stance

After gripping the axe, place your non-dominant foot (left foot for righties) slightly forward. Prepare to raise both arms above and behind your head.

Begin Your Throw

After you bring the axe above and behind your head, in one motion, step with your non-dominant foot while bringing your axe forward. 

Release the Axe

When the axe is level with your eyes, release it and then follow through. 

TIP: You can also throw with one hand if you maintain the same principles as throwing with two hands. Don't throw it like a baseball. Keep your wrists and arms as firm as possible while remaining fluid in your throw.

The Axe Game