1. Participants are required to sign waiver of liability before participating in any session.
  2. No one under the age of 18 can participate without the presence of an adult aged 18 or older, and a parent/legal guardian is required to sign waiver of liability for that person.
  3. Participant is participating at their own risk, and neither owner nor operator is responsible for accident or injury to any person arising out of their participation.
  4. Individuals with pre-existing conditions such as back, neck, leg, or arm injuries are not permitted to throw. However, operator is not responsible for determining the physical condition or ability of any person.
  5. Participants may request that the session be stopped at any time.
  6. Only one player is permitted in each arena at any given time.
  7. Do not approach the target until the axe is either in the wood or on the ground.
  8. Always check that the throwing area (including behind) is clear prior to throwing.
  9. Stay behind the partitions when not throwing.
  10. Sound isolating devices, such as headphones and earplugs, are not allowed.
  11. No alcohol is permitted in the facility, and individuals obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied entrance.
  12. Horseplay of any kind is strictly prohibited. Such behavior may lead to removal from site.
  13. Players cannot participate with open-toe shoes. Only closed-toe are acceptable.
  14. Players will not throw axes at any target being used by another player at the same time.
  15. Players will not throw axes at any targets not designated to their group.
  16. Players that do not demonstrate the ability to safely handle or throw axes will not be allowed to participate in axe throwing events.
  17. No one on site will interfere with a Player in any way when they are throwing or preparing to throw an axe. Interference will result in removal from site.
  18. Spectators will be permitted to observe the festivities from behind a permanent barrier, which will be located a safe distance from the activity of axe throwing.